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Crow and flower jewel

A crow drops Meryleep's Flower Jewel

Birds are a recurring animal type which appears throughout the Breath of Fire series. They appear in one form or another in each of the first four games. In addition to playing a variety of background roles, a number of them also appear as enemies which the party can battle.

Role throughout the series[]

Breath of Fire[]

Snesbof1 bird overworld

(BoF1) A bird as seen in the overworld

Birds are one of the animal types which are available to hunt on the overworld. They appear less frequently than Deer, and are much swifter. They drop Wmeat when defeated.

Breath of Fire II[]

Birds occassionally appear in the hunting minigame segments. As in the previous game, they appear less frequently than most of the other hunting animals and move more quickly. They drop Egg, Chkn, Tendon, or Beef when defeated by Bow or Katt, or Charcoal when defeated by Bleu. Immediately the party defeats Deathevan, a flock of white birds flies over Township. This might be a reference to the dove's Biblical status as a symbol of peace.

Breath of Fire III[]

Several birds make prominent appearances throughout the game. When the party first meets Meryleep, she asks the party to retrieve her Flower Jewel, claiming that a crow stole it. The crow drops the jewel when Peco bashes the tree that it is perched in. During their efforts to cross the Outer Sea, the party visits the legendary mariner Kukuys and his pet bird Duan. A number of birds live in Eden, and when the party first arrive, they startle one of them, which draws their attention to Teepo.

Breath of Fire IV[]

Birds appear in multiple areas throughout the game, including in Kyria, where the mayor keeps a green parrot-like bird as a pet. The animal will ask the party a series of questions. If they answer them correctly, he will tell them where the mayor can be located. Later on in Wychwood, the fairies shrink Nina and she is carried away by a Sparrow, which the party must eventually fight in order to rescue her. When the party is seeking out the dragons, the party finds a shining bird in the Golden Plains which guides them to Ch'o Ryong, the Grass Dragon.