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Berserk (ギガート, Baasaaku?) is an ability and status condition in Breath of Fire III. It can be learned either from examining the Berserkr enemy, or from studying under the Master Giotto for five levels. Its effects are similar to Rei's Weretiger Ability: it increases the target's power but makes it so that the player can no longer directly control them. However, unlike that ability, the subject's HP drops to zero after the third turn. To circumvent this negative effects, use the Influence skill for the three turns and the berserked character with either a Soul Gem or Manly Clothes. When the user resurrects this way, they will keep the power boost for the remainder of the battle while still being controllable, the boost will be lost if the character is affected by another status change.

Assist ability {{{description}}}
Target Single
AP cost 2
Learned by Giotto
Level learned 5
Enemy use Berserkr