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Bass is a recurring type of fish that acts as a recovery items throughout the Breath of Fire series.


Breath of Fire III[]

Bass are items found by fishing. When caught Bass can be used to restore 80 HP and can be sold for 50 zenny.

Bass can be caught with all bait except for Coins. They can be found by Central Wyndia, Eastern Wyndia, and the Dauna Region.

Effect Restores 80 HP
Target Single
Found Central Wyndia, Eastern Wyndia, Dauna Region
Cost 50

Breath of Fire IV[]

Bass are obtainable items through the fishing mini game. Once caught they can be used to restore 500 HP and can be sold for 70 zenny.

Bass can be found in Lakes 1 and 2.

Effect Restores 500 HP
Target Single
Found Lake 1, Lake 2
Cost 70