バルバロイ Barubaroi (Barbaroi)
Barubary sprite

Barubary is a character found in Breath of Fire II.

Role in Breath of Fire IIEdit

Barubary is the first major villain encountered in Breath of Fire II and is the penultimate boss, the last obstacle standing between the party and Deathevan. Barubary makes its first appearance in the intro of the game when its third eye becomes visible in the darkness, opens and then stares out. Barubary then prays to its god looking for strength; after it's done praying it then closes its eye and the scene is over.

Barubary shows up not too long after the start of the game when Ryu and Bow leave Gate and find themselves in a dark cave chasing what is later revealed to be Barubary's tail. When Ryu and Bow catch up to it, Barubary whips Bow with its tail knocking him out and then proceeds to fight Ryu, who is defeated with ease.

Barubary is later mentioned by the rangers where Bow and Ryu work but is not seen until the end of the game. The final time Barubary is encountered is within in a pitch black chamber in the depths of Infinity and is first battled with the whole team. For his second fight, the player can opt to keep fighting as a team or have Ryu face him alone. After its defeat, Barubary then questions whether or not what it was doing was right, and that maybe it shouldn't have tried to kill the Destined Child (Ryu), soon exploding and clearing the path ahead.


Barubary is a large demon with an extremely long tail and small wings on its back. It has three eyes and is covered in large plates on its body only exposing some parts of its flesh.

Barubary also has broad hands with thick claws at the end of them. Its lower body consists of six spider like legs which it walks on.

Barubary is purplish in colour and and redish where it's not covered.


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Barubary appears as a boss twice, first time being as a child with Bo which is an automatic defeat and the second time being in Infinity fought alone or in a group.

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