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Bait (ねこまたぎ, Nekomatagi?, lit. "Cat-spooker") are fish found in Breath of Fire II.


Bait are one of the next available fish to be caught along with Makrl, when caught with worms they can be used to reduce a player's HP to 1. It can also be sold for 30z to shops.

Item Loses all but 1 HP.
Target Single
Purchased Daiye
Found Fishing Spots
Cost 60

Appearance in Breath of Fire II[]

As an item, when consumed, would reduce the target's hitpoints to one. This largely makes the fish only good to sell. There is one instance where 1 HP is required, when having recruited Barose from Gandaroof's mind (A limited accessibility location) for House #4, he will teach one of four spells total to a player that is at 1 HP and 0 AP.