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Breath of Fire II Boss
アーガス Aagusu (Argus)
680 16
Atk Def Ms
43 18 -1
Agi Luck Immunity
12 28 -
150 300
Location Coliseum
Drop Herb
Drop rate {{{drop rate}}}
Abilities Cure 1
Element -
Info Can attack twice in one turn

Augus is a boss found in Breath of Fire II.


Augus is the first demon that is fought and encountered in Breath of Fire II. His soul becomes corrupted and he transforms into the hateful thing he is. When he attacks Ryu and his group, he transforms into a large bipedal two headed humanoid wolf creature armed with massive stone clubs. Swift and strong, he proves to be a difficult fight.


Augus is the first tough fight, he is quick and hits hard. The player is recommended to have Katt in their party as she is the fastest member of the group. Katt should be around level 8 or 9, so that she is not killed in one hit by Augus' attacks. Use Katt as a healer of sorts and make her use Herbs on anyone who's taken damage. When the party isn't hurt Katt is quite strong and can do a good deal of damage on Augus. Healing a lot will help as Augus can hit twice in one turn. Watch out for those moments where he "builds strength" up as well as they usually mean he will automatically land a critical hit in the next turn that can easily take out a party member. If someone does go down Rand's "Wake Up" comes in handy as it has a chance of reviving a fallen character. In the end the key to this fight is just watching your party's health.


  • Augus is the first boss in the game that can be encountered with a differing number of party members. Depending on the outcome of the match up with Katt, the battle party can consist of either Ryu, Katt and Rand or just Ryu and Rand.


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