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Apple (りんご, Ringo?) is a recurring recovery item in the Breath of Fire series.

Breath of Fire[]

"Recover 20 Hit Points with this item."
— Manual description
"This item recovers some HP."
— Game description

In the original Breath of Fire, apples recover 20 HP to a single character. They can be obtained by either: defeating a Grimfowl, G.Fly, or Avian; purchasing it at stores in Drogen for 90 Zenny or Camlon for 80 Zenny; or picking them from certain trees.

Recovery Item Recovers 20 HP
Target Single
Purchased Drogen, Camlon
Found Apple Trees, Agua
Dropped Avian, G.Fly, Grimfowl
Cost 80Z, 90z

Breath of Fire IV[]