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Angel Tower
天使の塔 Tenshi no Tou (Angel Tower)
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Angel Tower is a location in Breath of Fire III. It is located in the Urkan Region just south of Urkan Tapa and is considered a holy site by the Urkan people.


Ryu and the party travel here at Garr's request, as it contains knowledge about the Brood. After receiving permission to enter it from Patriarch Sudama, Garr leads the party deep into the catacomb-like structure. While traveling through it, he uses his strength to push heavy stone blocks to form a path forward.

At the very bottom of Angel Tower, Garr requests that only Ryu follows him deeper, to which Ryu and the third party member agree. In this lowest chamber of the tower stands a smaller ziggurat amidst a dark cavern. On the stone around the ziggurat lie four tablets that record the names of the four Guardians, each with a number. When Ryu investigates Garr's tablet, Garr reveals that the Guardians were also known as Dragon-Slayers, and that each tablet records the number of Brood killed by that Guardian in the war, totaling nearly 1,000. After this revelation, the depths of the cavern are illuminated by eerie light, showing a floor littered with dragon skeletons and haunted by dragon ghosts. Garr then attacks Ryu and attempts to kill him, but is defeated instead.

With his defeat, Garr realizes that he and the other Guardians were no match for the true power of the Brood, and wonders why Ryu does not finish him off. The Brood spirits then try to urge Ryu to kill Garr, but Ryu refuses. Overwhelmed by the vengeful spirits of the Brood, Ryu involuntarily transforms into the Kaiser Dragon (much to Garr's shock), but chooses to flee instead of attacking, causing part of the tower to collapse.

During the Adolescent chapters, Angel Tower is revisited, as Garr wants to know the truth behind the war -- why did the Brood refuse to fight back, and why were he and his brethren commanded to kill them? He hopes that he will be able to speak to God to find out why the Brood had to be killed. However, when he attempts to summon her to the top of the tower, Deis appears, telling him that God will not come and that she must be released. In order to do that, the party must seek out Gaist, a fellow Guardian, before she vanishes.

After meeting Gaist and killing him, which breaks the seal that held Deis, the party returns to Angel Tower. Instead of heading into the catacombs or to the top of the tower like before, they enter a side room where Deis is imprisoned. Once they arrive, she is released, and comically beats up Garr, though her lack of clothing flusters Ryu (and annoys Nina in possible jealousy, if she's present at the time). When Garr inquires if Deis will help them find God, she directs them to the shrine in front of Mt. Zublo, as the dead Brood spirits and her weakened state make it impossible to do so from Angel Tower.

After Deis is released, Angel Tower serves no further purpose in the story.


  • Ivory Dice - In a chest on the tower exterior, next to the staircase to the top
  • Wisdom Seed - In a chest on the southern corner of the tower exterior
  • Diamond Ring - At the end of a passage behind a destructible wall; requires Momo
  • Moon Tears - At the end of a passage behind a destructible wall; requires Momo
  • Mithril Helm - On an upper ledge on the second floor of the tower interior; requires Garr to push a block on a lower level to create a path
  • Soul Gem - In a chest in a room past the stairs leading to the third floor of the interior
  • Napalm - In a chest on the third floor of the interior, hidden next to the first staircase down to the lower level
  • Skill Ink - In a chest in the far southern corner of the third floor of the interior



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