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アミリア Amiria (Amelia)
Dragnier Village
Voice actor
Mai Nakahara
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Amelia is a character found in Breath of Fire 6.

Role in Breath of Fire 6[]

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Amelia is a resident of Dragnier Village, known for her very powerful magic ability.

Breath of Fire 6: The Inherited Force[]

Chapter 1: Amelia, together with Gilliam and Jubei, joins Ryu and Kai in defending the village from a horde of monsters. She's the first to attack by unleashing a devastating "Simoon" spell. While distracted by Gilliam's cheap talk during battle, however, she is struck by one of the monsters. Caught by Gilliam mid-fall, Amelia misunderstands him as trying to seize the opportunity to grope her and punches him in the face. The two start arguing over the situation, ignoring the three beasts about to pounce on them right until Jubei saves them both with a few well-aimed arrows.

After the battle is over, Gilliam starts reprimanding Fei because she was responsible for the monster attack, having unknowingly picked up a type of grass whose smell attracts them. Amelia is quick to defend the little Maoren, stating she has recently arrived at the village, and pointing out no one got injured. As Gilliam begs to differ with her the two start arguing once again in front of everyone else, who are all just too used to this scene.


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Amelia can seem quite childish, especially when she doesn't get her way. In spite of this, she is very laid back and even sophisticated. Amelia is a bit impulsive and headstrong as well, which often puts her at odds with Gilliam, getting into heated arguments with him over the slightest provocation.


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