Breath of Fire II Boss
アルジャーノン Arujaanon (Algernon)
1549 infinite
Atk Def Ms
115 51 0
Agi Luck Immunity
51 30 -
1980 1200
Location OwlWoods
Drop LifePL
Drop rate {{{drop rate}}}
Abilities ColdBrth
Element -
Info -

Algernon is a boss found in Breath of Fire II.


Algernon is encountered in the OwlWoods behind the Hunter's Lodge, after the owner of the Circus sends the party to capture an Uparupa. The party needs to gather OwlFruit from the woods behind the lodge, but they find the lodge abandoned. An entry in the hunters' journal tells of a singing woman in the woods, as well as a search expedition which never returned. The party finds the woman in the woods and she reveals herself to be Algernon, whose true form rises from the ground along with Suiky and Danielle. It is implied that Algernon devoured the hunters who lived at the lodge.


Algernon is fought alongside Suiky and Danielle, who heal him using Cure 2. The companions have low HP, but once they are defeated another is generated shortly.

One strategy is to begin with Ryu using a Dragon transformation, which will likely take out Suiky and Danielle, and then two slower party members giving him WFruit. Then focus powerful attacks on Algernon until one or both of his fallen companions regenerates, and then use another Dragon transformation. Continue to bombard Algernon and try to keep his companions limited to 1.

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