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Ahm Fen
アムの沼 Amu No Numa (Amu Swamp)
Ahm Fen
Gold Plains

Ahm Fen is a location in Breath of Fire IV. It is a swamp that serves as a wildlife preserve, home to an endemic endangered species, the Ahm Snake. Patrols travel the area, ensuring that the snakes remain undisturbed, and serving as opponents which the party must face. The swamp can be traversed on foot via wooden planks. Some patches produce a noise when stepped upon, which alarms the endemic snakes and causes them to move. Ahm Fen borders the Golden Plains and the Wyndia Region.

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

AhmFehn 2

Ryu and the others wading through the marsh.

After Cray was rescued and Ryu and the others escaped from Ludia, they decide that the best course of action would be to head to Wyndia, Nina's hometown, to regroup and to seek counsel with the King.

AhmFehn 3

Endangered Ahm Fen snake obstructing the path to treasure.

After receiving the Jadestone from Tarhn,an item that is required for traversing the area, the party makes their way through Shrine. Their last stop on their journey before reaching Wyndia Region is Ahm Fen. Ryu and the others cross several wooden planks and wet marshland before they reach a section where two of the endangered Ahm Fen snakes block their path. They tread with caution, only producing noise as necessary to move the animals so that they can safely cross the region. Eventually, they make their way out of the area and into Wyndia Region, then on to the town of Wyndia.


Item Location
Baby Frog follow the linear planks towards the next region, you will soon spot this chest. Head down the hill to collect it
Scale Mail southern section of the snake noise puzzle; head southwards instead of following the path further to collect this chest
Life Shard(x3) northern section of the snake noise puzzle;keep stepping onto the broken wood to make the snakes move, head down to collect the chest


Nut Mage


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