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チェクの長老 Cheku no Chourou (Chek's Elder)
Portrait AbbessFace Sprite
Requirement Available after Ryu meets all dragons and learns their breath attacks
HP 0 AP +2
Pwr 2 Def 2
Wis +4 Agl 0
Skill Criteria
Concentrate Encounter more than 70 different enemies
Sanctuary Encounter more than 85 different enemies
Celerity Encounter more than 100 different enemies
Will Reck - Increases skill learning chances

Abbess is a character within Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IVEdit

The Abbess can be found inside her house at the mountain village of Chek. She acts as one of the masters available in the game.

Although blind, the Abbess is able to see the ‘pillars of light’ that emit from living beings and because of this immediately recognizes Ryu as the Yorae dragon when he comes to speak with her. She is unable to tell the party how he came into the world, however, and expresses worry that someone has betrayed the secret of the village’s technique. This fear is later put partially to rest when Deis reveals that both she and Ryu were summoned by the Fou Empire through another, imperfect technique, which resulted in their incomplete forms.

When Rasso and his troops come to the village, the Abbess temporarily takes shelter inside of Ershin

After Ryu meets all of the dragons, he can return to Chek and the Abbess will become a master. Her Reck skill is good for anyone to gain skills, but as a master, she is best suited for a magical character like Nina or Ursula.  

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