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A battle showing the four party members' remaining HP and AP in Breath of Fire.

AP, or Ability Points, is a recurring Stat that appears throughout the Breath of Fire series. Each playable character possesses their own AP, which acts as a point pool that they are able to spend by using abilities inside or outside of battle. Each character possesses a different AP growth rate, with physically oriented characters typically possessing less AP and magically oriented characters possessing more.

Most abilities consume a fixed amount of AP when used, while a few abilities such as Ryu's dragon abilities in Breath of Fire II consume all AP when used. Like HP, it is possible to restore AP using items or by resting. Also like HP, it is not possible to increase a character's AP higher than his or her Max AP. The course of a character's Max AP growth can be altered through participation in the Master System in Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV, or by using the Magic Shard on them.

Ability Points are analogous to Magic Points in many other role playing video games. And indeed, the manual for the SNES release of Breath of Fire refers to AP as Magic Points when referring to the ability to show maximum HP and AP for party members in battle by pressing the select button.