Breath of Fire 6 Update (Fantastic Soda!! Release Information)

With the release of Fantastic Soda!! we have more information that came with the update. The major thing is Capcom has given us a animated short along with the song In Our Hands. Here you will see some of the characters such as the Hero, Nina, Peridot and Gilliam.

We also see more info on release date, the game has been pushed back from summer of this year to spring of 2015.

The special Fellow Ruka has been announced who will be voiced by the singer of Fantastic Soda!!. This Fellow is only given to those who have purchased the CD. People who have bought the CD will also gain beta access to the game and some other offers such as BoF6 stickers and a item called the "Dragon Crystal (Privilege)".

Last but not least here is the video!

Breath of Fire 6 - In Our Hands (Anime PV)01:07

Breath of Fire 6 - In Our Hands (Anime PV)