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Mira Laime
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• 4/14/2014

Hopefully some new news soon on BoF 6

I only click the website every once in awhile, and it's been disapointing to not find any news. I just clicked on it today, though, and discovered that there was an update five days ago on the fifth.

...line of Japanesse characters with no other updated part of the site. Thankfully it was an actualy string of copyable japense text I could plug into a translator or two. Best result appear to be Babble Fish, which gave me "Clarified the next scheduled update".

So... I have no idea when, but we may have an update to the site soon. At the very least I'm going to up the awareness of this new change so we have more people checking up on the site for the rest of the month. Here's hoping we get clarrfication on whether there will be a US release or not, but even just seeing some new screen shots would be nice.

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• 4/15/2014

I check the site once everywhile to see if there is an update but havent seen much activity lately so I haven't bothered shince, thanks for the information on it :)

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