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Saint Agnis Dragon
• 10/17/2013

GBA remakes

I just bought the GBA remake to breath of fire by far I am unimpressed I already own the snes version and have been playing back and forth for a good part of 15 yrs. It may just be me but the GBA version deosn't even seem to be a challenge if anything its about 20X easier. Without hoarding a bunch of herbs the first boss (Frog) Lv 6 seems like a great level to face him on in the original. So on the GBA I beat him on Lv 3 another thing I notice what is with the all the bright colors? The original seems to be much darker. Items that monsters left over use to be a rare thing not in the remake. My favorite character from the first game was Karn but what is with his skin tone in this game is he now suffering from some sort of disease. IDk does anyone feel that Capcom should of done a much better job on the remake?             

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Saint Agnis Dragon
• 10/17/2013

GBA uses much brighter palette than SNES, it can be seen on GBA remakes of pretty much everything. As for difficulty... Yeah, remake is much easier. It's for the best)

Karn suffering from disease? His skin is ONYX in the original. Not that i dont like black, but i like his sprite in GBA a lot better than on SNES.

Oh, and remake of BoF2 for GBA is crap. Want to play it - download reatranslation patch and play on SNES.

• 10/18/2013

Sounds good,  well I havn't played much of the GBA version yet. Since Ive played it for a long time I was looking for something a little more challenging but understand making it a little easier for new players I've read on a few places here online about the original being to tough, Ill say it gets a little repetative but tough wouldn't be the word I would use

Karn is Onyx that actually sounds cool I was just looking at his pic and it looks like his skin tone is gray I havn't got to him yet in the GBA version. 

As for Breath of Fire 2 thanks for the download its a great Idea to check it out before purchasing.  

I would like to collect all the Japanese RPG's but dang those games are not cheap when complete I would pay more for BoF2 than for Skyrim. One great Game I'm missing is Chrono Trigger banging my head for not hanging onto that one.  

• 9/8/2016

The GBA games are not remakes. They are ports.  

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